Ruth Metz

Ruth Metz Associates

Established in 2003, Ruth Metz Associates specializes in strategic planning, organizational development, and leadership development. I work with local government and libraries of all sizes, helping them to improve libraries and their efficiency, to integrate best practices, and to develop service and funding models for libraries of the 21st century.  I work independently or with proven associates for projects needing the combined expertise of library, legal, architectural and other professionals.

My associates and I conduct studies for local governments and citizens interested in establishing a library or who want to weigh delivery options for various library services. Our studies include community surveys, needs assessments, evaluations, plans of service, staffing models and plans, and budgets. My consulting practice has included many feasibility studies for the creation of alternative structures to existing county and multi-county library systems. I work with library facility planners and architects to develop service programs, plans, and budgets for new and renovated library facilities.

I am a skilled facilitator and problem-solver.  I am expert as a general contractor for putting together exceptional professional and technical teams for complex projects that require architects, lawyers, technologists, or community planners.


My consulting clients include those who need help assessing governance, operations, staffing, services, and programs. I facilitate strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation. My consulting clients are organizations at the local, regional, state, and national levels, and I consult with them on a range of management issues, troubleshooting problems, and facilitating solutions.

As a coach, I work both with individuals and organizations. My coaching clients come from all walks of life. I coach individuals as well as consultants on a variety of career and life issues. In business coaching, I help clients assess organizational performance and facilitate the development of more effective organizations. I help them build their organization's capacity to adapt to an ever-changing, more complex environment. This includes the ability to effectively design service, staffing, and operational models for 21st-century libraries.

My books and articles on coaching make the case for developing effective organizations and provide practical examples and tools. I present seminars and work sessions on the benefits of coaching, and speak to boards, leadership teams, and staff members on the subject. In addition, I help organizations develop cultures of coaching by training individuals how to coach and mentor. 


The Ruth Metz Consultant Studio provides instruction, training, conferring, and coaching for consultants, novice through master level.