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Every day, millions of us use our local libraries. Use them or not; everyone benefits from having libraries in our communities. Libraries empower us and help build better communities through learning, knowledge, and inspiration. In the ever-changing digital age, the library is a crucial constant in the lives of millions.
Library leaders—the library directors, staff, and the elected officials and citizens that champion strong and effective libraries—are my clients and the focus of my work. For it is up to library leaders to direct the continuous evolution of our libraries. Their ability to successfully achieve this is fundamental to the success of these leaders and flourishing libraries. 

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Purpose and Mission

My purpose is to help library and community leaders as they plan, manage, and develop their libraries in an ever-changing, ever-more-complex environment. My mission is to help these leaders succeed and develop strong, vital, and vibrant libraries in our communities. 

In service to this mission, I offer expert consulting and coaching. I work independently or with proven associates for the benefit of the client.

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Help is just a phone call away. I am happy to confer with you about your needs. For instance, maybe you are beginning to frame a request for a proposal or a project. Maybe you want to scope out an idea, clarify your thinking, get another perspective on a situation, or get feedback on something you tried to do. 

I am also happy to respond to actual coaching scenarios or to help libraries find library coaches or consultants to suit their needs. I like to hear from fellow coaches and consultants too.


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